As this is the very first post for this blog, I guess courtesy requires a proper introduction, so…

I’m Philipp. I make Letteral.
Nice to meet you!

So, why a blog? I want to post everything here that is a) too long for Facebook or Twitter and b) probably also too specific or too in-depth. There will be news and announcements and certainly patch notes. But there will also be articles on the development of Letteral in which I’ll share the experiences that I gained while making this game over the last two years. These articles will be fairly technical and might be pretty boring for anybody who is not a software developer.

Still, I hope that over time, there will be something for everybody here. I’ll leave a note on social media when a new blogpost goes online so if you want to stay up to date, the best way is to follow Letteral on Twitter, Facebook or the likes.

Until then, take care.