Privacy Policy

We are as concerned about collecting personal information as you are. With this document, we want to offer transparency about what information we collect and what it is used for. It can be summarized in two simple bullet points:

By using Lettral, you agree to the collection and use of data as described in this policy. In general, we collect two types of information:

  1. Unknown words: When you try to submit words that are not in Letteral’s dictionary, these words will eventually be uploaded to our servers. We do this in order to, over time, improve the dictionaries by manually looking through the most common unrecognized words and, if appropriate, adding them to the dictionary.
  2. Usage information: In order to better understand our players and to improve Letteral’s gameplay, we collect some information on how the app is used. For example, we want to know which languages are the most popular ones, what the average scores are at the end of a game or if users prefer to play online or locally.

For both types of information, we ensure the following:

There are a few more topics, related to handling personal data, we want to touch: